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Mission statement



We cherish nature as the invaluable source of life and thus the foundation of all business activities. On the other hand we refuse the simple understanding of nature as raw material and energy resource. That is why our perception of sustainability seeks to integrate the total impact of our activities.

For us, the individual connection to nature of core decision makers is an important prerequisite for sustainable project development. We are convinced that a decision made “barefoot”, with direct contact to nature, has another range, than a consensus reached around a conference table.

The intention to serve nature naturally comes from the connection to nature.


We see society as a community of human beings born free and equal in dignity and rights. Unconditionally.


It is our responsibility to fully dedicate our expertise and professional experience to the greatest possible benefit for our environment and society. It is our clients‘ responsibility to successfully and prudently operate and develop their organizations, municipalities and enterprises.


We believe in global sustainable development driven by successful projects, as we can develop a sustainable business case benefiting nature, society and our clients for every project again.